What is this Pilgrimage Renaissance?
Catholic Social Network

VT WYD is teaming with the Diocese of Burlington and local parishes to lead spiritual pilgrimages from the North Country. Pilgrimages are vitally important to strengthening our Catholic community across the world, and we want our local community to be a part of this rebirth, to light the fire of faith in us all.

In 1986, Pope John Paul II launched World Youth Day (WYD) and a phenomenon began. Intended to restart the age-old tradition of the pilgrimage and to excite new generations about the power and magnificence of our faith in God, the success has been unprecedented. WYD, now held every three years, draws millions from across the globe, and the results have reinvigorated church life and community.

WYD has been held in many cities around the world, and the growing number of pilgrims has been staggering:
        Denver: 500,000
        Toronto: 800,000
        Paris: 1,200,000
        Czestochowa, Poland: 1,600,000
        Rome: 2,000,000
        Cologne: 1,200,000
        Madrid: 2,000,000
        Rio de Janeiro: 3,700,000

I contend the WYD pilgrimage is one of the most important movements of our time. WYD is the largest gathering of youth in the history of the world, and in this day, when so many things are going wrong and evil seems everywhere, WYD is a source of spreading God’s message and works of peace and love. When one is in a crowd of over a million at WYD, one can actually feel God’s power, working through them and through a million other people in a million different ways. One can feel the power of a universal church under God. It is through this unity of people across the planet that “good” will be spread.

Each week we recite, “We believe in one holy Catholic and apostolic church” where “Catholic” means “universal,” but we rarely feel what that means. At WYD, if you go, you will feel this, and the aftereffects, as all the pilgrims disperse into the world and within our community, are truly God’s Will in action. The effect over time should not be underestimated.
I also believe WYD and pilgrimages are not just for youth, so if intrigued, please ->   Contact Us